Miwok 100K Results - May 3, 2003

*asterisk denotes non-Tamalpan
** Denotes Tamalpan racing for another team

Place Name Age City State Time

1 Scott Jurek 29M Seattle WA 8:44:13*
2 Hal Koerner 27M Denver CO 9:18:40*
3 Joseph Kulak 35M Lakewood CO 9:26:52*
4 Jason Ostrom 27M Ft Collins CO 9:35:52*
5 Andy "JW" Jones-Wilkins 35M Oakland CA 9:36:32*
6 Philip Sanderson 35M San Francisco CA 9:47:04**
11 Mike Sweeney 48M San Rafael CA 10:04:44
15 Jed Tukman 32M Larkspur CA 10:27:28
16 Ken Grebenstein 49M Corte Madera CA 10:28:44
18 Nicholas Wilton 42M Lagunitas CA 10:39:24
20 Sophia Lewis F40 Mountain View CA 10:40:08* (1F)
24 Michael Wille 34M San Francisco CA 10:52:33
26 Jenny Capel F30 Reno NV 10:59:41* (2F)
26 Suzi Leon F38 Folsom CA 10:59:41* (3F)
36 Florencia Gascon-Amyx F38 Mill Valley CA 11:22:31
59 Philip Ramsey 36M San Rafael CA 12:12:36
60 Susannah Woerner F37 Mill Valley CA 12:14:06
70 Lynn Schankliess F36 Oakland CA 12:30:30
80 Terry Parks 46M Mill Valley CA 12:44:40
117 Ana Braga Levaggi F43 Mill Valley CA 13:50:10
161 Ken Crouse 47M Folsom CA 15:02:00**

244 starters, 86.1% finishing rate

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