2013 TCRS Schedule

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TCRS Date Day Time Location Length Race Information
1 Jan 20 Sun 9:00A Tennessee Valley 3.8 Mi
2 Feb 17 Sun 9:00A Hamilton 5 miles
3 Mar 10 Sun 9:00A Corte Madera 4 miles
4 Apr 28 Sun 9:00A Lucas Valley 4.08 miles
5 May 12 Sun 9:00A Novato 5 miles
6 Jul 20 Sat 6:00 PM San Rafael 4.12
7 Aug 11 Sun 9:00A San Rafael Canal Bayside Park 4.5-5 Miles
8 Sep 15 Sun 9:00A San Rafael 5 miles
9 Oct 13 Sun 9:00A Novato 5 miles
10 Dec 1 Sun 9:00A Corte Madera 5 km

Upcoming Events

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Jan 11th - TCRS # 1, Tennessee Valley

Feb 1st - Super Bowl Race, Mill Valley

Feb 15th - 35th Couples Relay, Vintage Oaks

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