2009 Christmas Relay Info


Traditionally the Tamalpa Runners field several teams in each age group for the Christmas Relays. The Christmas Relays are made up of 4 person teams with each person running one 4.5 mile leg. Each 4 person team runs a total of 18 miles. The Relays start at 9:00 AM. Tamalpa will pay $9.00 or Ĺ of your entry fee and you pay $9.00, the other Ĺ of the entry fee. This year the Christmas Relays are part of the Pacific Association Road Racing Grand Prix Series. The Relays count as a scoring race on the Grand Prix Series for teams only. Since the race is a Grand Prix Race and we want to have as many scoring teams as possible, one requirement for the Club to pay for 50% of your entry fee, is that each individual have a current USATF Card. If you have a 2009 USATF Card you are eligible. If you do not have a 2009 USATF Card, you can obtain a 2010 USATF Card which will make you eligible for the 2009 Christmas Relays and all USATF Races (Road, Cross Country and Ultra Races) in the year 2010. If you need a 2010 USATF card contact Frank Ruona and I can issue you a 2010 Card upon the receipt of $30.00 or you can obtain a USATF card online at www.pausatf.org. If you do not have a card by race day, be prepared to purchase a card from me on race day. Once we have organized the teams, it will be the responsibility of the individual team members to decide who will run which of the 4 legs of the relay. Certain individuals have advised me that they would prefer to run the first or second legs of the relay because they have time commitments to be somewhere later in the day. Please cooperate with these individuals and allow them to run early legs in the race. For those Tamalpans who want to car pool to the race, we will be meeting in front of the Brew Pub at Larkspur Landing at 7:15 AM on Sunday, 12/13/09. If you drive directly to the start of the race, we will gather at the Lake Merced Parking Lot where Sunset Boulevard meets Lake Merced Drive. Try to be there no later than 8:30 AM so that we can organize the individual teams. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me by phone-(415) 898-9340 or by e-mail-fdruona@comcast.net. In 2008 we had 14 teams run in the Relays. The Tamalpa Senior Women, under 14 junior boys, Super Senior Men and Veteran Men won their divisions. Letís see if we can win a few more divisions in 2009. If you plan to run, let me know and please send me a check in the amount of $9.00 for your 1/2 of the entry fee. Thanks, Frank Ruona, 4 Windmill Place, Novato, CA 94945. Note-If you want a long sleeve race tee shirt send an additional $5.00.

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