The Double Dipsea

By Russ Kiernan

What's twice as much fun and much, much more low key than the Dipsea? It's so low key, in fact, that the first time I won it my wife and daughter set up some cones from the maintenance yard to designate the finish line as I came in. Your answer, of course, is the Double Dipsea, It is put on by the Dolphin South End Runners (DSE), and is run on the Saturday thirteen days after the Dipsea. This is an age handicapped out and back race on the Dipsea trail. It starts at 9:00 AM at Stinson Beach. The turn-around is at Old Mill Park. The distance is 13.7 miles, not a true double.

The Double Dipsea was first organized in 1970 by the late, famous, Walt Stack. The handicapping system developed by Walt, and unchanged until 2001, gave all women a 30 minute head start. Walt was a great advocate of women's running.

The old and new handicaps are listed below:

MINUTES PRE 2002 - SEX & AGE 2002 + - SEX & AGE
Scratch Male 16-29 Male under 40
4 Minutes   Male 40 - 44
8 Minutes   Male 45 - 49
9 Minutes Male 30 - 39 & 11 - 15  
13 Minutes   Male 50 - 54
15 Minutes Male 40 - 44 Female under 39
20 Minutes Male 45 - 49 Male 55 - 59
25 Minutes Male 50 - 57 Female 40 - 49
30 Minutes Male 10 & under 58& over
All females    
33 Minutes   Male 60 - 69
Female 50 - 59    
45 Minutes   Male 70 & over
Female 60 & over

The race has been getting more popular the last few years. The 2002 running had 484 runners. It has been a popular race with the "Dipsea Maniacs" from Tamalpa. There are numerous awards. Tamalpans have won the race many times and many have won their divisions. You may claim only one award, however. I received my first trophy at this race!

You may pre-register for the race for a small savings, or register race day. The entry fee is about $25-30. The 35th running of the Double Dipsea will be Saturday, June 26, 2004.DSE has a web site at

Note: DSE also has a single Dipsea, not handicapped, that starts at 8:00 AM from Old Mill Park the Sunday before the Dipsea. There is no pre-registration.