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There are two ways to join or renew membership in Tamalpa Running Club. You can join online at or you can print and mail the membership form. Questions regarding membership may be directed to Lillie O'Reilly at

If you decide to use, on the right side of their registration screen, click on the “Register Now” button. Be sure you do not click on the “Join Advantage”, or accept offers of Advantage while filling out your Tamalpa Membership (unless you really want to), as that is something completely different and costs more than the Tamalpa Membership. There is also now an option at to renew your Tamalpa Membership for multiple years; they offer that that option as "Do you want to sign up for a multiple individual membership?" Reply yes and the Qty is the number of years for which you want membership.

Take me to online registration at

Second, you can print and mail the membership form if you prefer to write a check and utilize regular post.

Give me a printable membership form.

Current members can check their membership expiration date on the address label of the Tamalpa Gazette.

Why Should I Join The Tamalpa Runners Club?

Membership in the Tamalpa Running Club offers a number of benefits for runners. First and foremost are the group running experiences you can have and the people you will meet that share the same interests you do. While many fun runs and other informal activities do not require membership in the club, most of the runners who participate in them are Tamalpans. A lot of club-oriented relationships evolve out of the informal gatherings and just add to the total running experience here in Marin County and the entire Bay Area. So we encourage you to become/remain a member of the club to take advantage of our other offerings. As a club member you can run and accumulate points in our monthly TCRS races, you can participate in the various track workouts, you will receive the Tamalpa Gazette, one of the best running club newspapers in the U.S., and you will receive member discounts from local retailers who specialize in running equipment and other services of interest to many club members. You can also compete for the club on a number of racing teams that may interest you, including LDR (road racing), cross country, and ultra running. There are a significant number of other advantages to being a Tamalpan (such as the Dipsea salmon runs) but you will have to join, and join in, to appreciate what they are. Suffice to say that membership in Tamalpa Runners is a good thing.

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