Welcome New Tamalpa Runner!

This page is intended to help the new Tamalpa Runners club member get up to speed with the club. If you don't see the information you are looking for in the FAQ below, please email webmaster@tamalparunners.org your question.

Question: What Runs Are Available To Me?

In the past, there were several weekly runs, but those runs are not hosted by Tamalpa anymore. Most of those runs have gone under-ground, held infrequently or with limited turnouts; contact a racing team captain or the webmaster or a member of club management to see if there are any informal training runs that might suit your requirements.

Also open to club members of all abilities are the Club Track Workouts. While these track workouts can be intimidating to first timers, there are runners of all speeds at these workouts and the workouts are guided by knowledgeable and welcoming coaches. You are encouraged to try one of these even if they seem they might not be for you, you might just find you really enjoy the running and camaraderie. Learn more on the Track Workout page.

By far the bulk of group runs that Tamalpans do are smaller, informal groups. There are many, many of these runs every week, but since these groups are made up of friends, running partners and/or people with similar running schedules, we do not post information about these runs on the website. The best way to get involved with these runs is to meet other members and find out about runs from them, or set-up new runs with the people you meet. See the question below, "How do I meet other members?" for ideas on how to do this.

Another way to find group runs is to post on the Tamalpa Runners' message board to either find an existing group run or find training partners to set-up a new run. People seem to have success with this.

Question: How do I meet other members?

Get involved with the club! Go to the weekly runs, track workouts, TCRS races (see below), PAUSATF races, social events and volunteer at events. You are sure to meet many other runners this way and find some great groups to run and hang out with.

Question: What about racing?

Every member, regardless of speed, is encouraged to race, be it a Tamalpa Club Race (AKA TCRS - See Webpage), a PAUSATF race or a Tamalpa Track Meet (webpage). If you haven't done much, or any, racing before, then the low key and low cost TCRS is a great way to get started. And if you're ready for a little more excitement and the best competition in the Bay Area, then PAUSATF races are the way to go. Of course, there are also the famous Marin races, the Dipsea, the Hill Climb and the Tamalpa Turkey Trot to name a few. (Check the website calendar for races.)

If you want to race PAUSATF races, then it is suggested that you contact the racing captain for your division via "Club Management" page which has contact info for all the captains.

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