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As a member of Tamalpa Runners you will have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of running and social activities. Your membership also includes a subscription to the Tamalpa Gazette, our award winning monthly newspaper, as well as the ability to take advantage of discounts on equipment from local retailers and various services provided by other Tamalpans.

Some of the many activities available to club members are the following:

Besides participating in running and social activities you can plan and lead group and training runs, volunteer at various events we sponsor or co-sponsor, contribute articles to the Gazette, or even serve on the management committee or board of directors if you are so inclined. There are numerous committees that will always welcome new members, and there are committees that haven't even been formed yet because we are waiting for just the right person to head them up.

If you like being outdoors and working with tools, then we can help you there, too. Tamalpa Runners forms several work parties each year to help maintain trails in Muir Woods National Monument and Tamalpais State Park. Most of the work is done on the Dipsea Trail, the object of the club's continuing affection, year-round, and unique facination each Spring as we train for the second oldest cross country race in the U.S. Who knows? Maybe your hard and dedicated work on Mt. Tam trails will result in having a trail named after you; or at least a section of a trail; or maybe a bench. These things have to be named after somebody.

The advantages of being a club member are not all tangible. Many friendships and experiences will surface as you get to know other Tamalpans and involve yourself in the club activities that interest you. But if running is your main "thing", then you will have plenty of opportunity for that with Tamalpa Runners. There are so many members who regularly get together for fun and training runs that you can easily fill your calendar with more than you have time for.

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