Tamalpa Gains Sponsorship for Racing Teams - 12/18/08

Tamalpa has entered into a sponsorship deal with Adidas for Tamalpa’s racing teams for 2009. The Tamalpa Board at its last meeting approved a structure that would continue the sanctity of the Tamalpa name and at the same time provide support for racing efforts of the club. The support will come in the form of free uniforms for 60 racing team members. Additional, certain selected racing team members will be provided with shoes, warm-ups and other gear. A racing team committee has been formed to establish priorities and encourage participation. The initial committee will be Tamalpa President Ken Grebenstein, Tamalpa Racing Director Frank Ruona, Women’s Racing Captain Karen Steele, Open Men’s Captain Mark McManus, and Senior Men’s Racing Captain Brian Pilcher. The committee will select which Tamalpa members will receive additional support from Adidas.

Mark McManus came to the board asking for assistance in supporting his efforts to reinvigorate Tamalpa’s open men’s team. The club has lost members and prospects to other teams in recent years due to lack of sponsorship. The board felt that taking on sponsorship would enable the club to attract and retain younger talented runners and encourage former members to return and race for the club. This coming year we will be focusing on building up our open and masters teams while still recognizing Tamalpa outstanding senior and super senior members. To date Mark and Karen’s efforts have met with great response and look for us to have more competitive teams in Pacific Association races next year. Thanks go to Brian Pilcher who negotiated the deal with Adidas representative and Adidas representative and Dipsea runner Mike McManus. Mike responded enthusiastically to our request for sponsorship citing what an outstanding club Tamalpa is. Tamalpa will only be the seventh running club in the US to enter into a sponsorship deal with Adidas.

Adidas will be offering discounts on merchandise to all Tamalpans including a 30% discount off of the retail price of their running shoes, up to 2 pairs per quarter. Tamalpans will be offered a 25% percent discount on all other Adidas gear that they buy, and Adidas will make available for purchase by Tamalpa members a pre-determined line of running singlets and other assorted gear at a discount rate of 50% off of the current retail price. Further details will be provided in the Tamalpa Gazette and on our web site.

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