Why Join Tamalpa

As a member of Tamalpa Runners you will have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of running and social activities. Your membership also includes a subscription to the Tamalpa Gazette, our award winning monthly newspaper, as well as the ability to take advantage of discounts on equipment from local retailers and various services provided by other Tamalpans.

Some of the many activities available to club members are the following:

  • Regularly scheduled fun runs on and around Mt. Tam
  • Special trips to other Northern California fun run locations
  • Social events including picnics, parties, films, and guest speakers
  • Monthly club race series
  • Racing teams for road, cross country, and ultra distance competition
  • Coaching and interval workouts several times a week
  • Youth support programs
  • Individual and team recognition and support programs
  • The opportunity to associate with a bunch of good people!

Besides participating in running and social activities you can plan and lead group and training runs, volunteer at various events we sponsor or co-sponsor, contribute articles to the Gazette, or even serve on the management committee or board of directors if you are so inclined. There are numerous committees that will always welcome new members, and there are committees that haven’t even been formed yet because we are waiting for just the right person to head them up.

If you like being outdoors and working with tools, then we can help you there, too. Tamalpa Runners forms several work parties each year to help maintain trails in Muir Woods National Monument and Tamalpais State Park. Most of the work is done on the Dipsea Trail, the object of the club’s continuing affection, year-round, and unique facination each Spring as we train for the second oldest cross country race in the U.S. Who knows? Maybe your hard and dedicated work on Mt. Tam trails will result in having a trail named after you; or at least a section of a trail; or maybe a bench. These things have to be named after somebody.

The advantages of being a club member are not all tangible. Many friendships and experiences will surface as you get to know other Tamalpans and involve yourself in the club activities that interest you. But if running is your main “thing”, then you will have plenty of opportunity for that with Tamalpa Runners. There are so many members who regularly get together for fun and training runs that you can easily fill your calendar with more than you have time for.

Thank you to the following Tamalpa Members who renewed their membership in December 2017:

First Name Last Name
Mary Aycock
John Blecka
Amber Lea Bocanegra
Scott Clark
Bjorn Fruchtman
Michael Holland
Carl Jacob
Jim Kambur
JoAnne Kambur
Matt Kennedy
Bonnie Kirkpatrick
Claire Kirkpatrick
Ted Knudsen
Don Lindsey
Mark B. Miller
Judi Shaffer
Holly Tate
Benjamin Tracy
Isabel Tracy
Rachel Tracy
Stephen Tracy

Expired Tamalpa Memberships from January 2017 to December 2017.  If your name is on this list, please renew your membership.

First Name Last Name
Valerie Ackley
David Alexander
Jim Allen
Stephen Allison
Andy Ames
Heidi Andersen
Carol Anderson
Jose Anguiano
Hima Arani
Meghan Arbogast
Sylvia Arellano
Jean Marc Athanassiadis
Peter Badertscher
Nakia Baird
Jill Baker
Victor Ballesteros
Omi Bangdel
Ralph Barhydt
Mary Barhydt
Lulu Barron
Alissandra Bello
Bryant Benter
Wayne Best
Richard Biegel
Nick Bockh
Hanna Bockh
Janet Bodle
Casey Borgonovo
Bella Braga-Levaggi
Eileen Brennan-Erler
Julianne Bretan
Jonathan Bretan
Charles Bronson
David Bronstein
Michael Broom
Moriah Buckley
Matisse Buckley
Clarissa Bush
Erica Calderon
Kevin Camp
Rosalinda Castaneda
Marx Cazenave
Connaitre Chateaubriant
Mary Churchill
Maddie Churchill
Oliver Churchill
Mark Churchill
Emma Clark
Andrew Cobourn
Kathy Colletto
Jerry Colletto
Jamie Collie
Mary Collie
Bob Cooper
Dick Cordone
Bea Cortis
Ed Cortis
Sean Crawford
Kane Cullimore
Julia Davis
Dorian De Leon
Anesly De Leon
Chelsea de St. Paer
Marie DeJournette
Katie Dennis
Steve Devaux
Robin Diederich
Jochen Diener
Shelly Diener
Parker Diener
Caroline Dowd
Earl Downing
Herbert Dunne
Lisa Dunnigan
Csilla Erdelyi
Peter Fain
Renay Fanelli
Joan Fausone
Lisa Fialco
Craig Finster
Steven Friedman
Maya Friedman
Miguel Friedman
Ron Friedman
Pete Gang
Julia (Julie) Garrett
Peter Gebbie
Lucinda Gebbie
Maddie Gebbie
Susan Ghest-Kehoe
Cindy Goh
Diego Goncalves
Beth Gonzales
Naomi Goodman
Ronnie Goodman
Roger Gordon
Anil Gorti
Adam Gothelf
Rick Graves
Paul Gray
Carole Gray
Jonathan Gunderson
Angel Gutierrez
Alison Hadden
Daniel Hagan
Kelly Halligan
Dennis Hassler
Allyson Haug
Curtis Havel
Melissa Havel
Michelle Hermiston
Terry Hermiston
Kathy Herzog
Christopher Himmel
Billy Hinners
Harrison Hobart
Jan Hobbel
Tom Hockin
Leslie Holpit
Emily Howland
Marina Hufford
William Hughes
Ari Hughes
Heikki Huotari
Frederick Sr. Huxham
Frederick Jr. Huxham
Theo Huxham
Salim Islam
Trevor Islam
Stephen Itano
Suzanne Jack
Dominic Johnson
Kathy Johnson
Nancy Johnson
Lisa Johnson
Pam Jolliffe
Gregory Jones
Kendall Jordan
Michael Joyce
Fausto Juarez
Cirenia Juarez
Oendrila Kamal
Stephen Kambur
Dean Karnazes
Yoko Kasai
Shan Kaur
Leigh Kenny
Janet Kjelmyr
Pat Knoff
Charles Knuth
Kim Kortz
Lucy Kryuchkova
Duncan Labeeuw-Anderson
Lizzy Labeeuw-Anderson
James Lakis
Jessica Lapic
Lauren LaRoche
Alexandra Larova
Mark Laws
Jeremy Leary
Melanie Leavitt Cantarutti
Daniel Lee
Susan Legacki
Sidney Leipsic
Sarah Leipsic
Charlene Liebes
Fred Liebes
Allyson Locati
Michael J Locati
Lisa J Locati
Javier Lopez
Londi Lopez
John Lundy
Patrick Lynch
Sage Mace
Mark Machado
Dave Mackey
Jorge Maravilla
Andriana Marino
Drew Markovich
Zachary Martinez
Michael Mascott
Parker Mascott
Ashley Mc Culloch
John McKlveen
Beatrice McMillan
Craig Mead
Erika Meeker
Josh Mehler
Laura Melendy
Jody Mengarelli
Christopher Mika
Brian Moore
Scott Morgan
Eric Multhaup
Jon Murchinson
David Nakashima
Claire Nielsen
James Jr. Nielsen
Mimi Nielsen
James Sr. Nielsen
Esmeralda Nuraliyeva
Morgan O’Connor
Chris O’Connor
Andrew O’Driscoll
Maureen Kelly O’Driscoll
Fiona O’Driscoll
Sean O’Driscoll
Jon Olsen
Nathannel Olsen
Ginny Olson
Jack O’Neill
Stein Onsrud
Laura O’Shea
Anael Ott
Luanne Park
John Pfeister
Bill Pillars
Billie Post
Diane Prater
Burr Purnell
Joyce Raidle
Geremias Ramos
Sunita Rao
Jason Reed
Jackie Reinhart
Rose Repetto
Diane Rice
George Ridout
Brett Rivers
Larissa Rivers
Francis Roche
Thomas Rosencrantz
Elizabeth Rossetti
Heather Rothe
Matt Russell
Melanie Russell
Patricio Salas
Ben Salk
Mark Sanchez
Gabe Sanctuary
Jane Sanctuary
Eardley Scheffer
Joe Schieffer
Patrick Schmidt
Matthew Schmidt
Jon Schroeder
Hillary Sciarillo
Linn Pepper Secreto
Louis Secreto
Spencer Seidler
Anitra Seitamo
Grant Shapiro
Nicholas Shea
Heidi Sheffer
Erin Shippey
Mark Shirra
Preston Sitterly
Olivia Skiles
Chloe Skiles
Kevin Skiles
Paul Skokowski
Sharon Skorbiansky
Shirley Skorbiansky
Sarah Slaymaker
Stefan Smith
Graham Snipes
Sadie Snipes
Elsa Snipes
Mara Snipes
Richard Snipes
Sarah Solomon
Melanie Southard
Eric Spector
Mark Spinozzi
Joan Steidinger
Karen Stenberg
Thomas Stephens
Zane Stevens
Ryan Stever
Mike Sullivan
Matt Susko
Rebecca Taggart
William Talmage
Ken Taylor
Graham Tewksbury
Craig Thigpen
Sam Thomas
Ali Thomas
Sara Thomas
Jason Thompson
Laurie Thornley
Craig Thornley
Scott Thorpe
Adam Tibbs
Mitchell Todd
Lisa Trustin
Jed Tukman
Linn Tyhurst
Josh Tyhurst
Walter Underhill
Chris Valentino
Dawn Valler
Cheyenne Valverde
Erin Vancellette
Fausto Vargas
Delana Vath
Sathyanarayanan Venkataraman
Michelle Verdon
Tony Verdon
Mark Wang
Gary Wang
Sandra Weil
Kevin Weitz
Ned White
Ken White
Ray Wilkes
Nicholas Wilton
Monique Winkler
Scott Wolfe
Roxanne Woodhouse
Julian Youngblood
Susan Zaring
Corinna Zubia