Zippy's 5K 2010

by Lynn Walker, April 19, 2009

The PAUSATF Short Circuit Road Race Grand Prix kicked off its 2010 season Sunday at the Zippy 5k in San Francisco. Read a full coverage of the race.

Tamalpa fielded a strong contingent of runners. Nineteen club women finished the Elite women's race, and twenty-four Tamalpan men finished the Elite men's race. Twenty-five if you count Mark McManus' clone. The race officials did.

Conditions for the race were ideal and a few club members recorded their fastest ever times on the course, or at least the fastest in many years. Mark McManus and Elizabeth Shortino are two examples of this. Many more club members were running in their first Zippy 5k. There were, of course, many who slowed sublty, with the help of age, or encountered unfortunate circumstances that stood in the way of their best performance. A fact of running life. At least we all can count ourselves thankful to be among those healthy enough to run Sunday's Zippy.

Four Tamalpans won their respective age division. Tim O'Rourke used a final finishing kick to nip Dwight Smith for the men's Senior victory in 16:59. Hans Schmid continues to enjoy his new division with a male Veteran's victory in 20:12. Valerie Young won the women's Master division, taking fourth place overall in the race with a 17:44. Katie Martin ran 28:49 to win the women's Veteran division.

Mark McManus (the original) was the highest placing Tamalpan, taking tenth place in 15:08, his fastest Zippy. Mark also finished in 19:48, his slowest Zippy. Tim Wallen was the first Master Tamalpan and seventh overall Master in 16:57. Tom O'Reilly was the 8th male Senior. Arturo Rodriguez, new to Tamalpa this year, was third male Super-Senior in 19:42. Russ Kiernan was third men's Veteran in 23:31.

Yiou Wang was fifth overall in the women's race in 17:47. Deborah Rushman was the fourth women's Master runner in 19:07. Mimi Willard took the third women's Senior position in 20:38 and Karen Steele was fourth Senior in 20:46. Janet Kjelmyr was sixth Senior woman in 22:47. Bridie Dillon was the fourth Super-Senior woman in 27:36 and JoAnne Kambur was the third Veteran woman in 31:46.

Tamalpa Finishers at the Zippy 5k


Name Age Time Division Place
Mark McManus 36 15:08 10th Open
Harlan Lopez 24 15:23 14th Open
Tim Wallen 46 16:57 7th Master
Tim O'Rourke 52 16:59 1st Senior
Brad O'Brien 48 17:00
Patrick Lepelch 47 17:27
Jonathan Bretan 27 17:41
Sean Pont 24 17:42
Tom O'Reilly 53 18:01 8th Senior
David Bronstein 48 18:10
Geoff Dunbar 39 18:17
Don Porteous 63 19:14
Lynn Walker 53 19:30
Alan Reynolds 46 19:31
David Ripp 58 19:41
Arturo Rodriguez 60 19:42 3rd Super Senior
Mike Lopez 52 19:48
Mark McManus 36 19:48
William Neer 51 20:05
Hans Schmid 70 20:12 1st Veteran
Michael Holland 61 20:15
Frank Ruona 64 20:34
Stephen Katz 59 21:15
Jim Myers 61 22:26
Russ Kiernan 72 23:31 3rd Veteran


Name Age Time Division Place
Valerie Young 43 17:44 1st Master
Yiou Wang 25 17:47 5th Open
Liz Gottlieb 34 18:16 12th Open
Sarah Slaymaker 39 18:52 20th Open
Deborah Rushman 45 19:07 4th Master
Jennifer Wallen 32 19:20
Patti Shore 43 19:50
Elizabeth Shortino 46 19:52
Beth Freedman 41 20:10
Mimi Willard 56 20:38 3rd Senior
Karen Steele 52 20:46 4th Senior
Traci McCarty 43 21:15
Janet Kjelmyr 52 22:47 6th Senior
Amy Sonstein 40 23:14
Jennifer Lanciault 39 23:50
Bridie Dillon 65 27:36:00 4th Super Senior
Katie Martin 71 28:49:00 1st Veteran
JoAnne Kambur 75 31:46:00 3rd Veteran
Marjorie Forman 57 32:42:00

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