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Marin Memorial Day Run: 2016

This year's race needs runners and volunteers. If your Monday morning is open, please consider running or volunteering. The race website is Marin Races.

May 2016 TCRS

Preliminary race results are posted at May results. Let me know of any corrections at: webmaster@tamalparunners.org.

May 2016 Track Meet

Frank's write-up and race results are at May Track Meet.

April 2016 TCRS

Race results are at April results. Updated overall standings are at Overall standings thru April.

March 2016 TCRS

Overall Standings for 2016 are at Overall thru March.

Race results are at March results. Let me know of any corrections at: webmaster@tamalparunners.org.

The updated map for the March TCRS is available at March course. Course distance is 4.7 miles, shorter than the original 6.6 mile plan.

February 2016 TCRS Results

Results for this month are available at February TCRS.

Let me know of any items that need correction at: webmaster@tamalparunners.org.

Tamalpa Youth

The Bobcat Team of Coaches is looking forward to working with young Bobcats between the ages of 4 and 12. The 2016 program will run 8 weeks from April 3rd to May 22nd. Workouts will take place at 4 p.m. at the Marin Catholic High School track and will last an hour.

Last year, we incorporated more track and field events into the first half of practice. We plan to continue to grow this aspect of our program.

Registration information and further details may be found at the Bobcat page.

Send an email to marymfagan@gmail.com for more information.

2016 Super Bowl Run

Information for the 31st Super Bowl Run is here. This race is a Tamalpa tradition, great fun.

Results are here.

January 2016 TCRS Results

Results from January's race are available here.

Let me know of any items that need correction at: webmaster@tamalparunners.org.

January 2016 TCRS and 2016 Track Meets

Sunday, January 10th, is the first TCRS of 2016, starting at Tennessee Valley at 9:00 am for most folks, 8:45 for 60+. The updated schedule is here. (Try refreshing your browser (Ctrl + F5) in order to download the updated menu links; otherwise you may still be looking at the 2015 TCRS schedule.)

Also, Frank has built the 2016 Track Meet schedule, which is available here.

2016 New Year Run

A cold start to a first group run of the new year, as you can tell by the abundance of wool beanies. There was lots of talk about 2015 TCRS successes, about races run when some of us were younger and faster, about the usual catalog of running injuries, and about hopeful plans for upcoming runs in 2016. Happy New Year everyone.

Click on the image in order to recognize some of the faces.

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May 22nd - TCRS # 5, Giacomini

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