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The Ultra Gran Prix Series is sponsored by the Pacific Association of USA Track and Field (PA/USATF) and currently consists of twenty-two road, track or trail races located in various areas of Northern California. The races range in length from 28.4 miles to 100 miles, with the majority of the runs being either 50 kilometers or 50 miles. This is a Gran Prix with point totals being kept over the race series for both individuals and teams. Every August, Tamalpa Runners hosts the Headlands 50k which is one of the races in the series. For the past several years, the Headlands 50k has also served as the USATF National 50k Trail Championship race.

Tamalpa attempts to field as many Men's, Women's and Mixed (two men - one woman, or two women - one man) teams in each race. We need at least three racers to complete the race and score for each team. If you have an interest in Ultra running or racing, contact the racing team coordinator (see Club Management) to get involved. Tamalpa traditionally has been one of the strongest, if not the strongest, Ultra racing clubs in the nation. We have had national champions and world record holders on our squad. There must be something about running on Mt. Tam! But most importantly, Tamalpa ultrarunners know how to have fun. No matter what your pace or abilities are, you can count on strong support from your fellow Tamalpa ultrarunners.

For the full PAUSATF Ultra Gran Prix schedule, race results, individual standings and team standings go to http://www.pausatf.org/data/umstandings.html. Another excellent source of Ultra information (race schedules, entry info, course profiles, results, etc.) can be found at: http://www.run100s.com/ . Tamalpa specific results will be published (and possibly archived) here as available.

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